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Solange® Specialty Shades

House of Wisdom Sharjah Library

Euro Systems was approached to design and install our unique Solange®️ 100 Specialty Shades to Sharjah Digital Library.


Euro Systems®️ were tasked to install our state-of-the-art specialty shades using the Solange®️ 100 tensioned shades

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    Specialty Shades

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    House of Wisdom Sharjah

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Project Details:

The House of wisdom in Sharjah is a digital library facility designed to house more than 105,000 books and thousands of digital resources, which makes it a social hub for learning and interacting between book lovers. From the planning and design stage, we were aware that the project would require a different approach, with bespoke skylight blinds designed for atypical windows. As expected, once the installation started, the dimensions and shape of the windows entailed a special challenge, and thanks to our expertise in design and fitting, we were able to meet the specifications of this project. We have successfully installed speciality shades using our Solange®️ 100 tensioned blinds in the reception hub to let in maximum light to the building. The goal was also to create a visual connection between the indoor and outdoors. Which is why we have selected high-performance screen fabrics from our wide range of shade fabrics, woven with coated fiberglass yarns. The fiberglass yarns composition of the fabric makes the wire-guided shades very robust and able to cover up to 850 sqm without sagging or dangling. The durable fabric is engineered with metallised layer that is highly reflective, keeping out heat and avoiding glare. This means the visitors can read and interact in a cool environment, where there is sufficient daylight to help them concentrate on their activity.