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Salire® S

International School of Choueifat

Completion of manual roller Shades from our Salire®️S range at International School oChoueifat


Supply and Installation of Salire®️S Manual Roller Shades at International School of Choueifat

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    Salire®️S Manual Roller Shades

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    International School of Choueifat

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Project Details:

Euro Systems®️ recently completed the design, supply, and installation of the Salire®️ S manual roller shades for the International School of Choueifat in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. Via early design stage, we focused on the design and specification whereby our window blinds provided efficient solar shading as well as fitting in with the overall aesthetic of the interiors. We were tasked to supply and install screen roller shades from our Salire®️ S range.

Our Salire®️ S roller blinds are manually operated, and they contribute significantly to controlling light and heat. Our manual shade systems are extremely effective in filtering light and blocking glare due to the use of highly reflective materials. Their high-performance fabrics reflect solar rays and keep classrooms cooler, and therefore considerably enhancing visual and thermal comfort.

Students can enjoy the additional daylight made possible by the advanced shade solutions and light control. Furthermore, this design minimized the need for air conditioning inside the school, which helps in reducing energy costs while also boosting the student productivity and comfort during their daily activities.