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Solange® 500

Solange 500

Large Horizontal Pergola Shading System

Solange® 500 Internal | External Blind System

Key Features

  • Large window coverage in one complete system
  • Fabric panels area coverage up to 100m2
  • Large Roof, Large Terraces and Large Plaza applications

Solange® 500 Datasheet

Technical Data

System dimensions:
Maximum width 6.0m
Maximum height 18.0m
Maximum fabric area 100.0m²
Minimum width (Standard WT Motor) 2.0m
System Weight
Weight 55 kg + 27kg/mtr width + 6.4 kg/m draw
Motor Type Wired or Radio Frequency (RF)
Voltage 230 V AC 50 Hz
Limit Switch Unit (Standard) Progressive
Motor Torque 35.0 Nm
Motor Speed 18 rpm
Temperature Range 0-60°
System Load Considerations
Fixing Loads ≤600 kg per cable (x3)
Cable min. Breaking Load 1300 KG

System Installation

Recess | BackFixing


Cover and intermediate frames

GIRA Standard 55 white

GIRA Standard 55 white

GIRA Standard 55 white

GIRA Standard 55 white

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