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Solange® Specialty Shades

Specialty Shades

Specialty Shades

Solange® skylight shading systems

For architects and designers, skylight shading systems for large areas offer the possibility of bringing a big amount of natural daylight into the building, which will ultimately result in a decrease in energy consumption. Since huge buildings require a lot of energy, the massive benefit of Solange® large shading systems is to let natural light in, while reducing the heat and UV rays.


Seeing the correct balance of light in your space is a great feeling, whilst applying screen shades on large glass windows. The Solange® blind is a motorized shading system that creates a beautiful yet sophisticated look with its clean-cut design, but combined with a skylight or a facade, it will bring an outstanding performance to any spacious building.

Specially Designed

The Solange® blind system is specially designed for complex buildings such as airports and shopping centers but architects also recommend it to cover large glass windows in the residential sector. Whether it is rectangular or triangular, for each window shape, there is a practical, harmonic and artistic solution.

Solange® Specialty Shades Series

Key Features

Tensioned Blind System

Typically engineered for atria, skylights and facades, our automated and retractable blind system Solange® 100 is a rectangular tensioned blind for sun shading which is perfect for horizontal and sloping glazing applications. The system offers high-end powder coating finishes and a variety of RAL colours.
It provides maximum thermal insulation and natural daylight, which leads to higher energy-efficiency. The system is so powerful thanks to its aluminum brackets and stainless steel guides. The operation integration is done via simple standalone remote control to complex third party control integration and automation systems.

1. Back Fix Roller Bracket
2. Tension Cable Spools
3. Ø3.34mm Fabric Tube
4. Hem bar
5. Hem bar Endcap Guide

6. Hem bar Guide Cables
7. Tension Cables
8. Return Pulley Assembly
9. Shade Fabric

Key Features

Extra-Large Internal Tension System

Our Solange® 200 specialty blinds are designed around spacious glazing that requires large and powerful systems. Covering spacious buildings with shading solutions require a high-performance blind, especially when it comes to cover large sizes or unusual shapes and applications. What makes this shading system unique is a combination of factors such discrete guides and the concealed torsion spring and motor within the fabric barrel.
These features allow the design of very wide blinds and unusual shapes or running directions, which makes Solange® 200 the ideal solution for large horizontal, vertical and sloping glazing in airports and huge spaces.

1. Mounting brackets
2. Steel Assembly Tube
3. Cable Spool Drum
4. “H” Frame Assembly
5. Aluminum Fabric Tube
6. Shade Fabric

7. Shade Hembar
8. Tension Cables
9. Relieving Roller
10. Relieving Roller Bracket
11. Return Pulley Assembly

Key Features

Vertical Drop Blind System

Basically engineered for huge buildings such as airports, swimming pools and shopping malls, the Solange® 300 is a vertical drop blind designed with a single barrel system. The Solange® 300 is translucent when deployed to connect the indoor to the outdoors and fully retractable to reveal the exciting view when light control is not required.
This system is designed to be retrofit for their outstanding performance in spacious buildings. Equipped with a powerful motor within a 127mm fabric barrel, this shading system is perfect for covering up to 6m width with a single roller system.

1. Mounting Brackets
2. Aluminum Fabric Tube
3. Shade Fabric
4. Guide Cable
5. Bottom Bar Cable Guide

6. Bottom Hem bar
7. Cable Knob bracket

Key Features

Large horizontal shading system

Designed for both skylights and outdoor areas, our Solange® 500 shade system is the perfect solution to cover areas with large horizontal glazing such us roofs, plazas and terraces. This horizontal shading incorporates a single mechanism that covers up to 100m², and is fixed to each end of the opening without needing side fixings.
Designed in a rectangular shape, the blind is divided into individual panels which are released and retracted using motorized cables.

1. Main Frame Assembly
2. Turn buckle
3. Fabric Tape Guide
4. Deploy, Cable Drum
5. Retract Cables
6. Support Hembars

7. Cable Drum Barrel
8. Shade Fabric Panels
9. Lead Hembar
10. Support Cables
11. Return Pulley Assembly
12. Deploy Cable Griplocks

Key Features

Sidelock Tensioned System

The Solange® 600 is a rectangular tensioned blind system designed for large-scale projects to complement rooflights and sloped glazing across the residential and commercial buildings. Engineered with a side lock mechanism that stops the fabric from blowing out of its guides, this system eliminates light gaps and offers total reliability and maximum light control.
This automated shading system has been initially designed for complex buildings such as airports and commercial centres but recently, we start endorsing it to cover glazing in the residential sector.

Solange® Specialty Blinds

Motors and Control

When designing an automated solar protection system, you need to consider the reason of why it needs to be motorized. The simplest reason is comfort and the installation is just intended to be easy to control and is the most cost effective.

Solange® Specialty Blinds


Gracili minimal systems® specially designed to elevate the design of your space. It is a unique sliding door and window system designed for large openings which results in maximum views.

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